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Heidelberg Quickbinder 200

Quick make-ready clamps
The clamp is the heart of the bookbinding machine, carrying the book throughout the process. The heavy duty parallel clamps ensure an even pressure is applied along the sections to obtain a square book.

Spine preparation for maximum strength
The Quickbinder uses the same spine preparation principles as Heidelberg's large, high-speed bookbinding machines. This means that a book produced on this simple machine is as durable as the books produced on the larger machines.

Even glue application
A thin, even layer of glue, applied at the right temperature, is essential to produce a tight, flat spine free of wrinkles. The Quickbinder does this by applying molten glue along the spine with two applicator rollers revolving in the direction of book travel. A reverse roller returns the excess glue to the tank.

Accurate cover application
The Quickbinder 200 is supplied with a top loading , bottom feeding cover feeder which uses a pin and airblast to separate the covers without marking.

Delivery options
The Quickbinder 200 has a two-part conveyor system which is positioned to bring the finished books back to the operator at the handfeed station.